Are you prone to foot pain and injuries? Do you suspect you have flat feet or high arches? You may need a set of custom orthotics. Orthotics support, stabilize, and cushion the feet, ensuring your stride is stable and balanced while absorbing weight-bearing impact. In the long run, orthotics can prevent many painful conditions affecting the feet, knees, hips, and back.

If you are searching for affordable, high-quality custom orthotics, InStride Crystal Coast Podiatry is here to help. We work with patients to deliver prescription orthotics that meet their unique needs.

What Conditions can Custom Orthotics Treat?

Orthotics are often recommended to treat a wide range of issues because many common diagnoses are caused, at least in part, by structural or biomechanical abnormalities in the feet and ankles. These conditions include (but are not limited to):

Of course, there are a wide variety of additional treatments available for these conditions, so it is worth discussing your options with Dr. Bobrowski to find the best treatment plan.

Prefabricated Shoe Inserts

Prefabricated shoe inserts can work wonders for people with mild or moderate foot pain. We sell high-quality medical-grade inserts that slip discreetly into the shoe and stabilize the foot. While our pre-made inserts are not as precise as our prescription orthotics, we are more than happy to make minor adjustments to boost their effectiveness. We can adjust and personalize the fit to a certain degree by adding material to increase stability and further balance the foot. If this adequately solves the initial problem and you are able to return to your active lifestyle without pain, there is no need for prescription orthotics.

Please note that our medical-grade prefabricated inserts are much better at supporting feet than over-the-counter insoles sold in pharmacies. Store-bought insoles only add cushioning to shoes rather than improving ankle and foot alignment, which is why they are unlikely to provide sufficient long-lasting pain relief. If you want lasting results, you are much better served by having a professional evaluate your feet and match them with a set of quality inserts picked out specifically for you.

Prefabricated shoe inserts

Prescription Custom Orthotics

Our prescription custom orthotics provide pain relief and alignment solutions for those with significant foot deformities or irregularities. If you are interested in obtaining a set of potentially life-changing orthotics, the first step is to make an appointment with Dr. Bobrowski.

During your appointment, we will assess the severity of your symptoms and determine whether you need custom orthotics. If such orthotics are appropriate for your needs, we will take either neutral non-weight-bearing, or total contact impressions, of your feet and send them, along with our prescription, to a lab where the orthotics will be made for you. Once your orthotics return from the lab, we will have you back to our office to check the fit, make any last-minute adjustments that may be necessary, and give you some follow-up instructions to ensure the “break-in” process goes as smoothly as possible.

Because custom orthotics fit your feet exactly and have a wider variety of shapes, designs, and materials available, they can be much more effective for certain conditions. They also tend to last much longer (several years in many cases) and can usually be adjusted over time to ensure they continue to fit correctly.

Orthotics and Arch Supports

Look After Your Feet and Eliminate Pain Today!

Custom orthotics are considered one of the best treatments for a variety of podiatric issues. Plus, they are designed to last several years and keep pain at bay. If you are tired of chronic foot pain and looking to regain control of your life, we are here to help.

If you are struggling with chronic pain and your feet are to blame, trust Dr. Thomas Bobrowski and the team at InStride Crystal Coast Podiatry to provide the support you need. Make an appointment with our office today, and we will deliver the help you need. Get in touch at (252) 638-4700 or fill out an appointment request form.