What Is MLS Laser Therapy? 

MLS is an acronym that stands for “Multiwave Locked System”.   MLS laser therapy is based on the use of two synchronized laser wavelengths.  The 808nm wavelength is for inflammation, and the 905nm wavelength is for pain relief.  Together they are very effective.

How Does MLS Laser Therapy Work?

The energy emitted by the two synchronized lasers penetrates 3-4 cm deep into the body tissues, without generating heat, to provide several therapeutic effects.

Such effects include – but are not limited to:

  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling)
  • Analgesic ( pain relief)
  • Restorative (tissue repair and cellular growth)
  • Healing (improved vascular activity for a faster healing process)
  • Metabolic (increased metabolic activity) within the injured cells
  • Neuralgic (enhanced nerve function)

For What Conditions Is MLS Laser Therapy Effective?

By performing a series of MLS laser therapy sessions, Dr. Bobrowski can address and treat a variety of conditions involving soft tissue injuries, pain, and inflammation.

Among the most common conditions that MLS laser therapy is effective for are tendinitis, arthritis, ankle sprains, heel pain, muscle strains, and neuropathy.

MLS laser therapy can also be used successfully to address chronic pain or chronic conditions, as well as to assist with post-surgery rehab and recovery by enabling the surgical site to heal 30-40 % faster.

Similarly, MLS laser therapy is a great choice for patients who have tried other conservative treatments without relief, and for those who want to avoid surgical treatment for their condition.

In general, patients undergoing a series of MLS laser therapy sessions can expect to achieve benefits including:

  • Decreased pain
  • A reduction in the need for NSAID’s or other pain medications that cause dependency
  • Decreased inflammation and post-injury swelling
  • Restored nerve function
  • Increased soft tissue healing

Is MLS Laser Therapy Suitable to Everyone?

MLS laser therapy is approved by the FDA and has not generated any side effects on patients, proving that it is very well tolerated by most people.

For these reasons, MLS laser therapy is an extremely safe and well-respected type of treatment that can effectively allow patients to address and treat a wide range of acute or chronic conditions involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, and other soft tissues.

MLS laser therapy is also non-invasive – unlike surgical options, and is much more accessible and convenient both financially and logistically.

After only a few months of MLS laser therapy, you will be able to get back to living your life to the fullest and enjoying what you love doing the most, whether it be participating in a sport or outdoor activity, or simply playing with your children or going on long walks.

What to Expect from Your MLS Laser Therapy Sessions

Patients who book one or more sessions of MLS laser therapy at InStride Crystal Coast Podiatry will be greeted by our friendly and professional team whose primary goal is to offer expert, personalized, and high-quality care in a comfortable welcoming setting.

Each MLS laser therapy session usually lasts approximately twenty minutes or less. This is a completely painless and non-invasive procedure requiring no anesthesia or other medications. Further proving its safety and efficacy, MLS laser therapy was approved by the FDA in 2002 and does not generate any known side effects.

Before you begin your MLS laser therapy treatment, Dr. Bobrowski will assess your individual situation, discuss your symptoms with you, and propose a customized treatment plan. This plan is entirely tailored to each patient’s unique needs and circumstances and the duration of their symptoms.

As a rule of thumb, acute conditions (symptomatic for two months or less) usually require six sessions of MLS laser therapy, and chronic conditions (experiencing symptoms for more than two months) can require up to 12 sessions.

In the latter case, we recommend performing the treatment three times a week, which delivers better, faster, and longer-lasting results. 

Whenever a patient chooses to embark on an MLS laser therapy journey, we stress the importance of taking the time to attend every single session.  Missing even one session might jeopardize the overall results of the entire treatment because each treatment is cumulative with the effectiveness building off the previous treatment.

woman rubbing foot Ball of Foot Pain
man holding toe in pain with one shoe off on path

How Much Does MLS Laser Therapy Cost?

At present, there is no healthcare insurance that will cover the costs associated with MLS laser therapy. However, at InStride Crystal Coast Podiatry, we are committed to offering rates that are fair, flexible, and fully transparent, so that all our patients can experience the beneficial effects of MLS laser therapy without worrying about the financial aspect.

The cost of an MLS laser session is $60, but treatments are often sold in packages of 6 sessions for acute conditions, and 12 sessions for chronic conditions. We are extremely confident that if you attend every MLS laser therapy session your condition will significantly improve getting you back to the activities you love sooner rather than later.

Book Your MLS Laser Therapy Session Now

Whether you are suffering from chronic nerve pain, or if you have recently sustained an injury that has resulted in acute swelling or tissue damage, MLS laser therapy can help.

Contact us today to book your initial assessment and receive a personalized MLS laser therapy treatment plan to enable you to regain optimal health and mobility.


“Crystal Coast Podiatry helped me tremendously. The Laser treatments on my foot took the pain away that I was dealing with in just a couple weeks. I would highly recommend Dr. Brobrowski and his compassionate staff. He also prescribed inserts to keep my foot free from pain. Now I can go walking and hiking again. Thank you Crystal Coast Podiatry!”

– Cindy K.

“Always prompt for appts scheduled, answered all my concerns/questions. Options were offered. The laser was painless, awesome as relieved my pain after 2-3 appts and resolved almost completely 2 weeks afterward. Would highly recommend Dr. Bobrowski and his staff.”

– Anne C.